Our paper titled “Laboratory study of the PFRC-2’s initial plasma densification stages” is here

The paper titled ” Laboratory study of the PFRC-2’s initial plasma densification stages” published in Physics of Plasmas, Volume 30, October 2023 talks about our research on Initial plasma densification by odd parity rotating magnetic fields (RMFo) applied to the linear magnetized Princeton field-reversed configuration (PFRC-2) device with fill gases at pressures near 1 mTorr proceeds through two phases: a slow one, followed by fast one. Over most of the range of experimental parameters investigated, as the PFRC-2 axial magnetic field strength was increased, RMFo power decreased, gas fill pressure lowered, or lower atomic mass unit (AMU) fill gas used, the duration of the slow phase lengthened from 50 μs to longer than 10 ms after the RMFo power began. The slow phase is explicable to ionization events at low Te, ∼5–7 eV The fast phase requires better power absorption and, more importantly, improved particle and energy confinement.

To find more information, please check the paper.

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