Software Products

Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc. has been providing state-of-the-art software tools to the aerospace industry since 1995. Our MATLAB toolboxes include the Spacecraft Control Toolbox, Aircraft Control Toolbox, and Core Control Toolbox, along with a set of Add-On Modules for special applications like Imaging and MHT. Download our toolbox brochure for product details.

We also supply aero/astro control packages for space applications including CubeSats. The packages include C++ code implementing the control system, a complete simulation, and a Mac interface.

Our control software takes advantage of our MatrixLib, a C++ implementation of one and two dimensional matrices. Ideal for science and engineering applications, this library provides an easy to use matrix “class” with an extensive body of functions and operations. It is available in binary or source code.

We have one iPhone application currently available on the Apple App Store: QuaternionCalc. Our retired apps include ChessNotePad and Outer Space Defense.  ChessNotePad provides an elegant means for serious chess players to record and playback their games; Outer Space Defense is a game designed to teach relative orbit dynamics, pitting your mastery of spacecraft orbital control and prowess with a laser against multiple attacking enemy satellites.

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