Core Control Toolbox

The Core Control Toolbox (CCT) for MATLAB® provides you with sophisticated algorithms for control system design and estimation used for cutting edge design at PSS for over twenty years! The toolbox provides you with simulation tools, analysis functions and graphics to make your job easier. Numerous demos are provided and most functions have built-in demos. The toolbox is delivered as full source code to allow you to customize any function as needed and to fully understand what each function is doing! Add-on modules provide specialized functions for imaging, tracking and wind turbine control.

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The control functions allow you to work the way you want to work. You can approach your control design using many different techniques including frequency domain, state space and eigenstructure assignment. The toolbox includes Kalman Filters, Extended Kalman Filters, Iterated Extended Kalman and Unscented Kalman Filters in a common code format. A variety of dynamical system examples are included such as robotics, chemical process control, motors, and automobiles.

The CCT and the Imaging and Wind Turbine add-on modules can be purchased directly through this page. Please contact us for a quote for the Target Tracking module.

Add-On Modules

Imaging Module

The Imaging Module for CCT provides functions for image processing and imager and camera modeling and simulation. This module is included in the Spacecraft Control Toolbox.

Wind Turbine Module

The Wind Turbine Module provides you tools for designing and testing control systems for wind turbines, including:

  • Wind turbine control system design
  • Wind turbine modeling and simulation
  • Performance analysis
  • Wind turbine design
  • Trade studies
  • Visualization

Target Tracking Module

The Target Tracking Module provides a fast new implementation of Track-Oriented Multiple Hypothesis Testing (MHT) that provides robust and reliable results across different problem domains. Track-Oriented MHT is a powerful technique for assigning measurements to objects when the number of objects is unknown or changing. It is absolutely essential for accurate tracking of multiple objects such as in rush hour traffic.

The Target Tracking Module uses a powerful new track pruning algorithm that does the track pruning in one step. Because of its speed, ad-hoc pruning methods are not required, leading to more robust and reliable results. The track management software is, as a consequence, quite simple.

The module leverages the open-source GLPK library for fast and reliable optimization. Kalman Filters and Interactive Multiple Models (IMM) are included with the Core Control Toolbox.


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Our software license is perpetual and includes complete source code. All PSS products include 90 days of free telephone support and one year of free email technical support and product updates. PSS will create custom scripts and add new functionality at user request. Annual maintenance fees provide software updates and additional technical support. The Core Control Toolbox is EAR99 and generally does not require an export license, however an export check will be performed for all international customers. For complete license details, refer to the Software License Agreement.