SCT Optical Navigation Module

Optical Navigation Camera

The OPTICAL NAVIGATION MODULE is an add-on product for the Spacecraft Control Toolbox, Professional Edition. PSS has been optical navigation software since 2007 for both NASA’s SBIR program.

The package includes a complete Optical Navigation function that can be used for missions anyway in the solar system, from Mars orbits to Earth reentry.

The image on the right shows a hardware implementation an optical navigation camera.


  • Single frame optical navigation using centroids and star angles
  • Horizon and planet center based measurements
  • Star catalog included
  • Unscented Kalman Filter navigation estimator
  • Nonlinear dynamics and measurement models
  • Integrates any measurement source including GPS, range and range rate and image based measurements without mode changes
  • Lunar and heliocentric dynamical models included
  • Integrates with all other Spacecraft Control Toolbox functions

The Optical Navigation Module has examples for Mars missions, operations between the moon and the Earth and lunar landings.

The module includes software to generate optimal 3D lunar landing and ascent trajectories. Trajectory generation tools for Earth/Moon, lunar entry and interplanetary missions are also included.


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