VisualCommander is a Mac OS X application for data acquisition, hardware control, simulation and visualization. It provides a flexible, open environment that allows you to integrate all of your software tools and heritage code into one easy-to-use environment.

The key idea is flexibility. Data can come from anywhere. VisualCommander provides you with the ability to integrate multiple systems into a single interface, and allows you the freedom to design that interface however you like. “Display plugins” are dragged onto your interface window and customized to suit your application. Simulations can be developed and run within the VisualCommander environment using our Simulation Framework, or they can run externally. All incoming data is available in a single data tree for dragging onto your displays.


  • Hardware control
  • Data acquisition
  • Simulation
  • Telemetry and command
  • Visualization

Related Products

Our DSim simulation framework and ControlDeck control framework come bundled with VisualCommander and can be compiled for Mac, Windows, or Unix. You can build your own applications using the API or just run from the command line.

VisualCommander simulation snapshot

CubeSat Control System example display


Please use the form on the Simulation Framework page.