SunStation EV High Power

The latest SunStation is the new SunStation High Power.

In its base version, SunStation High Power has more than 80 kWh of SimpliPhiPower Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, 24 kW of solar panels and an ABB Terra 24 DC fast charger. The system uses Outback Radian GS 8048A inverters to transfer power from the solar panels to the batteries. The SunStation is shown below.

SunStation High Power can be standalone or grid-tied. The size of the solar array and the battery bank can be changed to meet your needs. As shown above, it can charge two cars simultaneously. The amount of available charge, for an off-grid system, will depend on the amount of sunshine in the past day or so. When fully charged, it can supply two cars with 40 kWh of charge at night. During the day it charges its own batteries, and attached cars, simultaneously.

Our first design is for a customer in Texas. If you are in Texas, contact our partner, Axium Solar for more information about installations in your area. Otherwise contact us directly.